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Climbing to mt. Elbrus

Climbing to Elbrus is prestigious!

Elbrustourservice LTD has all technologies and facilities for successful climbing to Mt. Elbrus and propose tourist's agencies to organize climbing to Mt. Elbrus.

Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe and RussiaElbrus with other mountains more 5000 m high belonging to Great Caucasus attracts mountaineers from all parts of the world. The routes to Mt. Elbrus are not difficult. It is possible to reach the peak without having a high-degree qualification, but nevertheless climbing to Mt. Elbrus becomes popular more and more with mountaineers as Elbrus is the highest peak of Europe and Russia.

Mt. Elbrus is included in the collection of the highest mountains of the continentsClimatic conditions in the region of Elbrus are quite different from the Pamir and Himalayas one. They cause strong hypoxy, arctic climate in glaciers demands much physical strength. Mountaineers must be careful in mountains. Climbing the peaks of Elbrus demand excellent techniques but gives much joy and satisfaction with reaching the top.

A tourist who climbed to Elbrus successfully is awarded a certificate by ELBRUSTOURSERVICE LTD.

Program (for example) of 14-days tour:

1 day. Transfer to Prielbrusye from Min-Vody airport by bus. Arrive in tourist hotel. Accommodation in a hotel. Taking the Russian bathhouse.

2 day. Climbing on mountain Cheget to Tonguz-Orun Lake.

3 day. Departure in the high place of canyon Adyl-Suu, "Green hotel".

4 day. Climbing on a peak Gumachy (h=3805 m) or VIA-Tau (3820 m).

5 day. A day of the rest. Walk to narzan (natural mineral water spring) in

the canyon Irik-Chat.

6 day. Climbing on a pass VCSPS (peak of Traid-Union). Bivouac.

7 day. Climbing on a peak Kurmychy (4010 m). Arrive in a hotel.

8 day. A day of the rest. Walk to Narzan glade.

9 day. Climbing to tourist's hotel "Gara Bashi" (3800 m) by cable-way.

10 day. Climbing for acclimatisation to Pastukhov's rocks (4800 m). Return to tourist's hotel "Gara Bashi".

11 day. Climbing to a top of Elbrus and return in a hotel.

12 day. Spare day for climbing. Return in a camp "Gara Bashi".

13 day. The day of the rest. Excursion.

14 day. Departure to Min-Vody.

A level of difficulty of the rout to Elbrus is 2A category in summer, in winter is 3A category.

Duration of tour can be enlarged judging by tourist's physical training and wishes.ELBRUSTOURSERVICE ltd organizes meetings of tourists in the airports of Mineralnye Wody, Nalchik and transfer by comfortable buses to Elbrus region. A single tourist can go by car with preliminary order. The tourists go back to airports the same way.

Foreign tourists can use interpreters and guide-instructors who speak English.

Many services are suggested in hotels. One can use trunk line, cinema hall, disco and shops. There are a lot a cafe, small restaurants with folk and European dishes, bazaar with folk goods not far from a hotel surrounded with a pine grove and Narzan springs.ELBRUSTOURSERVICE ltd organize skiing to the slopes of Elbrus, climbing with traverse of the both peaks of Mt. Elbrus, winter climbing, climbing other peaks of Great Caucasus along the routes of different degree of difficulty (from 1A to 6B), high-maintains tourist routes in canyons and on passes.


Standard tour - 75 euro per day for one person is in-group from 5 persons.

Budget tour - 50 euro per day for one person is in-group from 5 persons.


For groups more 10 persons - 5%

For tours duration more 14 days - 5%

In additional we offer climbing on the peaks altitude more 5000 m above see lavel:

In Bezengi Wall - Shhara (5205 m), Dgzangy Tau (5051 m), Pushkin's Peak (5088 m), Rustaveli Peak (5100 m).

In Baksan valley: Koshtan Tau (5151 m), Dykh Tau (5204 m), Migzirgi (5025 m).

We're always glad to work with you!

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