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About Elbrustourservice

Elbrustourservice Ltd. is the licensed tourist company is working as a tour operator for the tourist agencies operating in all over the world.

Numbers of our licenses:

For international tourist activity B 352812 from 15 April 1999

and TD 0014762 from 08 April 2003

In some cases taking into account the wishes of the individual tourists and the participants of tourist groups in order to receive the highest service quality by the staff of the agency working in the International Center of Tourism, Mountaineering and Mountain-skiing in the Elbrus region, we carry out their applications too.

Elbrustourservice Ltd. makes accommodation of the tourists in the hotels, organizes the meal, arranges transfers from the stations and airports to the hotels and backwards, internal transfers from the hotels to the mountain slopes. Besides our functions include different kinds of services on the routes by the qualified guide-instructors, consultations concerning the mountain safety, mountain-skiers training organization, support and escort of our clients at the solution of the difficult questions sometimes arising from the relationships with the hotel staff, local residents, executive organs.

Usually we manage to accommodate our tourists for whom it's necessary to go to the Elbrus region in the shortest terms while the other agencies are in no condition to confirm the reservation of the services.

Often we manage to support a minimal level of the prices providing a higher accessibility of the rest in the Elbrus region for the population.

For the foreign tourists Elbrustourservice Ltd. offers the ff. services: a visa support for the entry into Russia in the embassies and the consulates of Russia and abroad. We send legitimate invitations, which because of the Agreement with the Department of the Consulate Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation have all the necessary data including a reference number. For your convenience we can organize an air flight from any country you want to the airports nearest to the Elbrus region in Mineralnye Vody, Nalchik and Rostov, using transit airports in Munich, Istanbul, Saloniki and Dubai etc. If the air flight is via Moscow or St.-Petersburg we guarantee the tourist service in these cities. Our translators and the guides decide problems of language compatibility. Our certificated instructors - conductors provide you a comfortable and secure transit of the mountain routes.

Elbrustourservice Ltd. provides the processing of the documents for the transit of the territories in a boundary control zone.

For the foreign tourists we provide a registration in a regional service OVIR (Visa Department).

More detailed list of our services can be received having viewed the contents of our site.

Yours faithfully,

Elbrustourservice Ltd.

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