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Heli- skiing maintenance

The helicopter MI- 8 MTV specially is adapted for exploitation in high-mountainous conditions. Tonnage - 20 persons. Capable to deliver clients to the altitudes up to 5641 m - it's an altitude of the Mt. Elbrus's summit.


The pilots carrying out the heli- skiing program have an access permitting to work in high-mountainous conditions and a perennial experience of flight practice in the mountains. Moreover, all the pilots were repeatedly invited for the fulfillment of such tasks into the foreign countries and have the corresponding certificates.

The technical conditions of the program

The order of not less than 2 hours of flight time per day includes:

6-8 descents on ski with a difference of altitudes up to 2000 m per day depending on the physical training of the participants

The size of group is up to 20 persons (high-altitude ascents from 4000 m - up to 10 person.)

Time of the ascent - 10-15 min. for each 1000 m of an altitude

Extra Service

The flight from the Elbrus region to another mounting skiing resort - "Krasnaya Polyana", which is located near the coast of the Black Sea in the neighborhood with Sochi. The flight takes approximately 40 min. The proximity to the sea enables to combine the mountain-skiing on a high altitude with a bathing on the Black Sea beaches in the late spring, summer and early autumn. In colder time it is possible to bathe in indoor swimming pools with seawater.

The skiing from the sand dunes in a Arabian desert in UAE. An air flight by an airplane of our airline. Accommodation in any of the 3-5 * hotels of Dubai. High quality guides service. Safari. Excursions.

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