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Heli - skiing in the Elbrus region

Elbrustourservice Ltd. suggests a skiing and snowboarding with the ascent on the mountain slopes on the helicopter.
It gives the ff. advantages:

1. You do not depend on the schedule of the ski lifts

2. You can find yourself out on such a slope where no ski has ever been.

3. Fresh untouched snow is always at your disposal

4. You will see such aspects of the mountain panoramas, which are inaccessible for any person.

5. You can ski in winter and in summer as well as in spring and autumn.

Elbrustourservice Ltd. takes all the cares of the helicopter delivery to a parking area in the Elbrus region, the solution of problems of an air navigation and maintenance, fuel maintenance, solution of administrative problems.

We solve all the problems concerning with a tourist trip:

- The visa service of the foreign subjects (Elbrustourservice Ltd. has an accreditation in the Department of Consular Service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation).

- Air flights organization and maintenance

- Hotel service

- Meal

- Internal transfers

- Consulting service and escort by the guides - instructors

-Solution of safety

-Organization of leisure

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